11.500 sq ft built in 3 weeks and interiors that touch customers subconscious: That is the service and benefit we deliver to our clients. How we do it?

With pleasure. And a contradiction. At GEFFKEN MIYAMOTO, the construction management is based on an efficient network of experienced partners, whilst design development is done with time and quiet. We call it Architectural Analysis – and our clients can see projects evolving from first scetch to opening.

Retail Stores

adidas is an original German sports goods manufacturer that is highly respected for its quality products. We have been working on their store implementation for the Sports Performance Centre do Brasil in São Paulo and the Sports Performance Store New York City – with 29,500 square foot, one of the largest adidas Stores worldwide.


Jack & Jones is one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear and one of 10 brands belonging to BESTSELLER A/S. As of now Bestseller counts more than 5,700 stores in over 43 countries and employs 41,000 people. For Riis Retail A/S main-contractor of Bestseller, we were working on project management, tender and site supervision for Jack & Jones store openings in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dornbirn, Biel, Basel, Zurich and Lausanne.


Established in 1996, ONLY strives to be one of the most significant female jeans brands at the market and also belongs to BESTSELLER A/S. Today, Bestseller has a turnover of € 1.7 billion. Being Bestseller’s main contractor, Riis Retail A/S builds and developes stores for Bestseller in over 23 countries. We did the project management and tender for ONLY stores built in Berlin, Brandenburg, Basel, Pfaffikon, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich. And we are looking forward to see the number of stores grow.


Vero Moda is the brand of choice for fashion-conscious, independent young woman since 1987. BESTSELLER A/S, the owner of Vero Moda, had a turnover-plus of +10.5%, a profit before tax of €155 million and an equity of €884 million. For Riis Retail A/S, a contractor of Bestseller, GEFFKEN MIYAMOTO worked on the project management, tender and site supervision for Vero Moda store openings in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Biel, Basel, Zurich and Lausanne.


SKORINGEN is the largest Scandinavian shoe retailer with more than 200 stores in Denmark and Norway. They wanted to infuse their mom-and-pop-styled shoe stores with a more fashionable and design-forward edge. Skoringen hired Riis Retail A/S for a new design direction and realization. We were working on the project management, tender and site supervision for the very first two redesigned stores in Hønefoss and Vejle.


Luisa Cerano is an unmistakeble feminine fashion brand based near Stuttgart. Started from nothing, today Luisa Cerano sells clothing in 48 countries. We received a call from one of Luisa Cerano’s build contractors 3 days before christmas eve – asking, if we could be in Dubai the next day for construction kickoff. We could.


Art Galleries

LUMAS is the number one artistic editior based in Berlin. Offering contemporary art-, design- and photography editions and serving to art aficionados in 21 countries, Lumas sells more than 1,000 prints a month. We did the gallery planning, permit procedures, tender and site supervision for LUMAS’s gallery openings in Dusseldorf, Zurich and Paris. Our real estate consulting brought massive savings.


WhiteWall is an online-art-marketplace. Artists, gallerists or agencies can publish, produce and sell their own artwork to general public. GEFFKENMIYAMOTO redesigned the gallery premises in Dusseldorf.


Other Work

You’re soaking in it!

You’re soaking in it is a group exhibition showing actual works of the three artists Paul Barnett, Wolfgang Lugmaier and Frank Steier. With no budget for the project, their curator asked us if we’d design their site. Here’s the result.

Daiwa pharmacy

Daiwa pharmacy is an installation inside of a preexisting twostory building, inorder to maintain it for future installations by artists. It’s put into practice by Jun Aoki & Associates for the Mito Junior Chamber, planned by the Art Tower Mito, Contemporary Art Gallery Japan.


Toyota Motor Europe asked Jun Aoki & Associates to redesign their Champs-Élysées showroom for them. We’d the pleasure to participate in the design developement for this showroom.


Baumeister (German pronunciation: [bou’mī“stur]) is a German nationwide monthly professional journal for architects. They asked us what we’d do if we could design their exhibition booth from scratch. Here is our answer.


GEFFKEN MIYAMOTO’s in-house research and development is the networks’s creative powerhouse.

Always keeping an eye out for „Things we do not recognise as what they are“, we create ideas and emotions for a world in which ancient rituals and instincts contrast with new technologies and a dramatically transformed environment.

Based on our Geld, Gold und Häkeldecken Statement (English: “Money, Gold and Doilys”) we’re continually involved in researching information that can be utilised for its Architectural Analysis.