Shortwave: Playing with Tradition

by Oliver Geffken. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

At design fair Object Rotterdam in February, Dutch designer Richard Hutten presented new additions to his „Playing with Tradition“ series of oriental rugs, where the traditional patterns are stretched into stripes.

For each hand-knotted wool rug, Richard Hutten carefully selected a point from where he stretched the pattern in order to create his beautiful reinterpretation of oriental rugs, while the traditional ends of the rugs retain their decorative fringes and the new sides are cut off cleanly.

„For already many years I had the idea to do something with traditional oriental carpets. I have an antique Persian carpet at my home, which I still find the best carpets to have. The idea behind the carpet was to build a bridge between the old and the new, east meets west. From this starting point I looked at various ways to give a reinterpretation. […]
In my previous work I also used existing forms which I than reinterpret. Than I came up with the idea to stretch the carpet a certain point. I found out it’s very important where to start the stretching. On the traditional side I kept the fringes, on the contemporary side I made a clear cut.“

Richard Hutten

The Playing with Tradition series was exhibited by I+I of Milan during the
Object Rotterdam 2010.

Via Dezeen.


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